Why does Facebook make you wait 48 hours to block someone?

The reason is to prevent abuse. Facebook’s 48-hour waiting period, although annoying, prevents a bad actor from abusing someone, then blocking them to avoid being called out or reported, then unblocking them and doing it all over again.

Can you block someone on Facebook before 48 hours?

To stop this, Facebook has made it so that you have to wait 48 hours (or more) before you can re-block a person. This means that if you are playing the blocking/harassing game, the other person has a 48-hour window to hit you back.

Why does it take 48 hours to unblock someone on Facebook?

And there was no way to report those items, get them deleted, or for the victim to report or block the person who was blocking them. This way, they have 48 hours to be able to do that and people can’t hide behind the block function to harm others.

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How long do you have to wait to block someone you unblocked on Facebook?

Facebook when you want to block a friend that you unblocked in error? Unfortunately you will have to wait for the 2 days to end. But, usually they won’t make you wait the 2 days unless you have tried blocking the same person more than once.

Can you immediately unblock someone on Facebook?

Whatever the reason, you blocked someone on Facebook. But what if you want to unblock them? Facebook lets you unblock anyone quickly without alerting them. Unblocking someone will even re-add them to your Friends list if you were friends before the block.

How long is 48hrs?

48 Hours is 2 Days.

What happens if you block someone too many times on Facebook?

When you block someone, all connections that once existed between you, including friendship pages, notes, comments and likes, will be lost. You no longer have access to their profile and they can no longer access yours.

What happens when you block someone on Facebook and then unblock them?

When you unblock someone, you won’t automatically be friends again. If you block a friend and then unblock them, you’ll need to send them a new friend request. People won’t be notified when you block them.

What happens when someone unblocks you on Facebook?

When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public. The person won’t automatically become your friend on Facebook.

Do FB blocks expire?

Generally speaking, you find out that your Facebook block expires by logging back into Facebook and doing the action that you wanted to do. If your action was looking at someone’s profile or taking to that person, those blocks never “expire” but rather is removed by the person who blocked you.

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How long do Facebook blocks last?

Facebook’s penalties range from being blocked from posting to being cut off from logging into your account. These sentences can last from just a couple of hours to up to 21 days.

How long is a temporary block on Facebook?

How Long Is a Temporary Facebook Ban? A temporary lock usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours. Your account will unlock as soon as you complete the instructions. If you haven’t received the security code or for any other problem, contact Facebook.

Will someone see if I unblock them?

There is no notification sent or posted that you unblocked someone.

Can you temporarily block someone on Facebook?

Facebook has rolled out a new “snooze” feature. If it’s not on your account yet, don’t worry, it’s coming. The feature lets you temporarily silence the people that are getting on your nerves.