You asked: How do you fix something wrong on Facebook Messenger?

Why does my Facebook Messenger keep saying something went wrong?

To fix this, go to your app settings and clear Messenger’s data. Log back in and it will be fixed. So most of the time the real cause of this error is that too many logged in sessions to Messenger are causing a conflict.

How do I get my Messenger back to normal?

You can also change the color back to normal anytime.

  1. Launch the Messenger app on your phone.
  2. Now from Chats, open the conversation you want to pick a color or theme for.
  3. Tap on the person’s name at the top.
  4. Then tap on Theme.
  5. Finally, pick a color or theme for the conversation.

How do I repair my Messenger?

Delete data to make more space on your phone. Uninstall and reinstall your Messenger app from the Google Play Store. Update your Google Play Store app. Log out of your Google account on your device and then log in again.

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What to do when Facebook says something went wrong?

Can’t access a post or media with a message saying ‘Something went wrong’ on Facebook?

  1. Reload the Page.
  2. Re-Login to Your Account.
  3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies.
  4. Turn Off VPN.
  5. Disable Browser Extensions.
  6. Check and Reset Your Internet.
  7. Try A Different Browser.
  8. Try Using Tailwind.

Why does messenger say send failed you Cannot perform that action?

The reasons you are not being able to send a message to someone in messenger might be one or more of the following reasons: You sent a lot of messages already. Your message went against the Facebook Community Standard. Problems with your app, phone or internet.

How do I clear my Facebook app cache?

How to Clear Cache on Facebook for Android

  1. Locate and open the “Settings” app on the Android phone.
  2. Tap to open the “Apps & Notifications” option.
  3. Find Facebook in the apps list and select it. …
  4. Press “Storage” or “Storage & Cache,” depending on the Android version.
  5. Simply select “Clear Cache.”

How do you reset Messenger settings on iPhone?

To reset all settings, open the Settings app and tap Settings -> General -> Transfer Or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

Where are messenger settings?

From , go to the Messenger Icon and click on the 3 dots icon on the right hand-side next to Messenger. Then a window comes up ‘Chat settings Customise your Messenger experience’.

How do I fix messenger on my iPhone?

Try each solution until it is resolved.

  1. Update the iOS. iOS is a smooth mobile OS, and for the most part, works flawlessly. …
  2. Close Background Apps. …
  3. Restart Messenger. …
  4. Reboot iPhone. …
  5. Down Detector. …
  6. Sign Out and Back In. …
  7. Reinstall Messenger. …
  8. Reset Network Settings.
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Why can’t I send a message on messenger?

If your phone is having network-related issues, then Facebook Messenger won’t send messages. You can reset network settings on your phone and try your luck again. Open the Settings app on your phone and search for Reset Network settings. Select it from the search results and reset network settings on your phone.

Why can’t I send a message to someone on messenger?

If you can’t send someone a messageits either cause they blocked you or you blocked them or they could of deactivated their account and non friends who message you on messanger you can find those messages on your profile page on messanger under message request.

Why does Facebook keep saying something went wrong this may be because of a technical error that we’re working to get fixed try reloading this page?

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can”. If you’re seeing this error message when you open Log In or Sign Up or when you try to login to Facebook on your desktop computer, or via an app on your mobile, it means something just went wrong on Facebook’s side and you’ll need to come back later.