You asked: How do you see what events friends are interested in on Facebook?

Go to your friend’s profile. Tap See [Your Friend’s Name] About Info below their profile picture. Scroll to the EVENTS section to see a list of events they’re going to.

Why can’t I see whos interested in events on Facebook?

You might be unable to access an event’s guest list if the host decided to make an invite-only event or if the event is a group event that was set up by the admin of a private group. Guest lists for such events are only accessible to invited users.

How can I see my friends events?

Click the “Friends’ Events” link, located below the Events link on the left side of the page, to view your friends’ events. Events are displayed by date, with upcoming events displayed first. Scroll through the list to find an event. Click the event name to view additional event information.

How do I see invitations on Facebook?

To see your upcoming events and invitations:

  1. In the bottom right of Facebook, tap .
  2. Tap Events, then Calendar to find your upcoming events and invitations.
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What happens when you are interested in an event on Facebook?

By selecting the “Interested” option, you are indicating to the Event organizer that you are interested but cannot decide yet. And if you press “Interested,” you will receive notifications and updates from the events. Selecting “Maybe” seemed ambiguous about whether you would actually show up to the event.

Can you see who viewed your Facebook event?

Not only can you tell whether or not someone has seen your Facebook invitation, you can look at the invite list for any event (whether you’re hosting it or not) to see who has seen the event.

Is there an app for Facebook events?

The app is designed to help Facebook’s extroverts and event promoters better discover and manage events. … That trickles down to a better experience for everyone else as these users invite friends to events using Facebook.

How do I see events on Facebook?

How do I see my upcoming events and invitations on Facebook?

  1. In the bottom right of Facebook, tap .
  2. Tap Events. You may have to tap See More first.
  3. To the right of Your Upcoming Events, tap See All.

How do I see Group invites on Facebook 2021?

On the new Facebook layout, there are two places to see group invites. The first is similar to the old place where there’s a side menu with the groups option in it. You’ll probably need to click the arrow to open it up far enough to see it. The other place is along the top menu.

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How do I see who is going to an event on Facebook 2021?

Tap Calendar at the top to select an upcoming event. Tap the number below Going or Interested to see who has responded.

How do I see declined events on Facebook 2020?

To see past or declined events, press “upcoming” in the event overview to change the filter. You can also chose if you would like to show repeating and declined events in the overview.

Do Facebook group invites expire?

If you interact with posts from a group that you’ve been invited to, your invitation will extend for an additional 28 days. If you don’t interact with group posts for 28 days, preview mode will expire.