Your question: How do I sync my Facebook account to my new iPhone?

How do I transfer my Facebook account to my new phone?

If you own a smartphone device you can have direct access to your Facebook account through the mobile application. Navigate to your device’s app store, and search for Facebook in the search box provided. Once you find it in the results, tap it, then tap Install.

How do I transfer my Facebook contacts to my new iPhone?

Touch the “Options” icon in the upper right portion of the screen. Tap “Sync Contacts.” Tap the “Syncing” field to enable the feature.

How do I connect my iPhone to Facebook?

Step 1: Visit Settings app on your iPhone. Then scroll down to find Facebook option. Just tap on it. Step 2: Then enter your Facebook’s user name and password into the text filed.

Can I link my old Facebook account to my new one?

There is no way to upload or otherwise import your archive to restore or transfer data from your old Facebook account to your new one. Whatever you want to restore, you have to do it (semi-)manually. Right now, the archive merely serves as a personal backup.

How do I transfer Facebook to new iPad?

How to Connect Your iPad to Facebook

  1. Tap Settings and then tap Facebook.
  2. In the resulting settings (see this figure), tap the Install button to install the app.
  3. When prompted, enter your Apple ID and password.
  4. Enter your Facebook username and password, and then tap Sign In.
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Why is Facebook working on my iPhone but not my iPad?

Solution 1: Quit then restart Facebook

If you are facing an issue with the Facebook app not loading on your iPad, it is likely that the application is experiencing a glitch and simply needs to be restarted. This mostly happens when a user launches Facebook on their device and leaves it suspended for a long period.